Art & Technology

Technology is redefining art in strange, new ways

At Awethentic Gallery, we believe art alone has the power to engage, inspire and raise awareness for global causes. But when art is fused with technology, the impact of the duo reaches astronomical heights.
Over the past decade we’ve seen exponential growth of the marriage of art and technology. From the recent explosion of global interest in non-fungible tokens—commonly known as NFTs—used to sell the ownership of original digital images, to the growing interest in harnessing technology like virtual and augmented reality to enable viewers to engage with art in new ways. 

Here at Awethentic Gallery we fuse together art and technology for brands across the globe to create a variety of unique, immersive and interactive experiences for their customers, varying from creating digital avatars to using virtual reality to allow the artwork to come to life on your screens.

Why should you digitise arts and culture experiences?

Each of our partnerships with the likes of auction house Christie’s Hong Kong and beauty brand La Mer, have successfully worked to:

EDUCATE their customers using unique immersive, interactive experiences that engage all senses

ELEVATE their fashion, retail and dining experiences by creating a world without boundaries

ENHANCE their customer experience by helping people connect with and experience art and culture in a more dynamic setting

RAISE AWARENESS of global issues by providing engaging new ways to learn about our planet

PROVIDE ACCESS to arts and cultural experiences that may not be feasible in a non-digital setting

Christie’s Hong Kong Interactive Art Wall

We created a motion-activated interactive art wall for auction house Christie’s Hong Kong. Users could use body and hand motions to browse through artworks, creating an immersive and educational experience that didn’t require touch. If you’d like to get in touch about a similar engaging and immersive experience at your next event.

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La Mer ‘Blue Heart Ocean Protection’ Exhibition

To celebrate World Oceans Day, we worked with beauty brand La Mer to create an interactive exhibition combining augmented and virtual reality elements, which worked to engage and educate viewers about ocean conservation. The resulting La Mer Blue Heart Ocean Protection Exhibition was displayed in Hong Kong’s International Finance Centre Atrium for five days in July 2019.

Viewing ‘The Waterfall’ Through A VR Experience

Inspired by ethereal waterfalls in Chinese ink paintings, we created a virtual reality video for auction house Christie’s Hong Kong, which allowed guests to journey through an ink painting to experience the serenity of Chinese landscapes.

Christie’s Spring Auction AR Experience

For Christie’s Hong Kong Spring Auctions 2019, we created two augmented reality experiences, one that was accessible through a web browser and another that was accessible via an app. Guests were able to watch art specialists come to life on their devices to speak about a variety of artworks. Guests were able to trigger the art specialist avatar by simply scanning QR codes that were found on flyers.