The past decade has seen the marriage of Art & Tech in boundary-breaking ways.
At Awethentic, we are deep believers in the confluence of Art and Tech and its ability,
TO EDUCATE users via unique immersive, interactive experiences which engages all of their senses
TO EMPOWER users by giving them access to mesmerising historical or natural worlds that they cannot otherwise experience
TO ELEVATE fashion, retail and dining experiences by creating a world without boundaries
TO RAISE AWARENESS for global issues by providing engaging new ways to learn about our planet

Why digitalize Arts & Culture experiences?

Accessibility: Provide easy access to Art & Cultural experiences that are otherwise out of reach for many
Enhancing the art & culture experience: Helping people connect with and experience Art & Culture in a more personal, dynamic way

Interactive Art & Tech Projects

Education & Tech

The Wildlife Experience

Passionate about wildlife conservation, our team leveraged our collective expertise to create the World’s First AR / VR exhibition on Wildlife and Sustainability.

La Mer ‘Blue Heart Ocean Protection’ Exhibition

To celebrate ‘World Ocean’s Day’, La Mer engaged us to create an interactive exhibition combining AR and VR elements to engage and educate viewers about Ocean Conservation.
The resulting ‘La Mer Blue Heart Ocean Protection Exhibition’ was displayed in IFC Atrium for five days in July 2019.

Art & Culture Tech

Viewing "The Waterfall" a VR Experience

Inspired by ethereal waterfalls in Chinese ink paintings, we created a VR video, allowing guests to journey into an ink painting to experience the serenity of Chinese landscapes.

Chinese Ink Painting VR Experience

Based on famous Chinese ink paintings, we developed a VR video enabling users to explore different parts of the ink painting.

VR Art Jamming

To offer a unique art making experience, we created a program enabling guests to make art virtually with a VR sensor. Guests can create broad strokes using their bodily movement, resulting in a fun and dynamic new way of making art.

Christie’s Spring Auction – Native & Web App

We created both Web AR and Native AR experiences for Christie’s Hong Kong Spring Auctions 2019. Guests can watch art specialists come to life to speak about 12 key pieces. This is triggered using QR codes on flyers, which guests can scan in order to see the specialist’s avatar appear on their devices!