Women in Focus

Across the millennia, as a source of inexhaustible inspiration, with a myriad of paradoxical facets, women have occupied a prominent place in the artist’s mind. At the heart of upheavals and social changes, women are seen by artists as a synonym of strength, fantasy, power, and freedom. Awethentic Gallery is very proud to co-host an exhibition “Women In Focus” with the Women’s Foundation, to pay tribute to the women of Hong Kong and celebrate their beauty, sensuality, and mystery through the eclectic work of eight complementary local and international artists. Offering unique perspectives of femininity and empowerment, works ranging from nudes to collages to photographs will be exhibited from 17th May – 4th Jun 2017 by the following artists: Reka Nyari, Antoine Rameau, Kim Robinson, Wing Shya, Szabotage, Chi Chi Cheng, Mauro Bergonzoli and Sean Lee-Davies.

In support of The Women’s Foundation, 25-50% of the proceeds on the night were donated towards their community and empowerment programs for women and girls in Hong Kong.

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