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Awethentic Gallery is a concept gallery that specialises in art for a cause. We curate art from emerging to mid-career artists across the globe, all with an aligned mission: to create social and environmental impact through their work. Every purchase made through our gallery also directly contributes between 10 to 100 percent to one of our partner charities.

We have an experienced art consultancy team who are able to work directly with businesses—from hotels, office spaces and restaurants—to cultivate personalised art collections that communicate brand identity and ethos through interior and home decoration. We specialise in fusing together art and technology through our sister company Awethentic Studio, using immersive technologies like augmented and virtual reality, interactive screens and NFTs to enhance the art appreciation and buying experience. Learn more about our consultancy work here. 

Our Supported Charities


March 2023

HK Art Week

Awethentic Group hosted a panel with some luminaries from the music and art industry, including DJ Dixon, Mad Dog Jones, Sunny Cheung from M+ and Gillian Howard from Digital Art Fair; moderated by Sean Lee-Davies. With a full house of over 150 people in attendance, the panel discussed the emergence of new technologies like AI and NFTs in art and music and how they will transform the industries.

The event was co-sponsored by WAMS (When Art Meets Science), an intellectual skincare brand that combines art and science, by relying on the philosophical traditional concept of Yin & Yang with modern biotech.

November 2022

Affordable Art Fair, Singapore

We exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair Singapore, November, 2022, featuring works from notable, award-winning artists, including: Wing Shya, Sean Lee-Davies, Mykhaylo Palinchak, Szabotage, Sharon Blance, CHI, Frank Freeman and Alana Tsui. All artworks exhibited were sold as framed, limited edition prints. Immerse yourself in the world of art at the Affordable Art Fair Singapore, November, 2022. Featuring renowned artists such as Wing Shya, Sean Lee-Davies, Mykhaylo Palinchak, Szabotage, Sharon Blance, CHI, Frank Freeman, and Alana Tsui, our exhibition showcases framed, limited edition prints that capture the essence of creativity.

November 2021

Art Basel Miami

To celebrate the launch of our official e-commerce site, Awethentic Gallery hosted a dinner at renowned restaurant Los Fuegos at Faena Hotel in Miami, USA. Guests from all across the globe attended including Indonesian actress Raline Shah; Singaporean actress Fiona Xie (Crazy Rich Asians) and director of private sales at Sotheby's Nick Buckley Wood. Guests enjoyed a specially-curated menu by globally renowned chef Francis Malmann at the Los Fuegos restaurant with scintillating live and burlesque performances. The e-commerce site premiered with the photo collection, The Last Nomads, shot by Hong Kong-based artist Sean Lee-Davies. All of the artists on the site share an aligned mission: to create social and environmental impact through their work.

December 2019

The Last Nomads

In 2019, Awethentic Gallery debuted photographer Sean Lee-Davies’ photography collection, titled ‘The Last Nomads’. The collection documents the threatened art of falconry in the remote deserts of Mongolia, where golden eagles hunt alongside humans, and have done for centuries. The exhibition also showcased Awethentic Gallery's augmented reality-activated prints from the 'Love is Wild' Collection. 


Longines Masters

During the 2018 Longines Masters, Asia’s premier equestrian event, we organized two groundbreaking exhibitions. The first being one of New York City’s longest running photography exhibitions titled ‘The Wild Horses of Sable Island’ by Roberto Dutesco. And the other being the world’s first travelling augmented reality fine art photography exhibition titled ‘Love Is Wild’, which showcased the plight of endangered species and was created by Sean Lee-Davies.

September 2017

Fine Art Asia

During the Fine Arts Asia exhibition in 2017, Awethentic Gallery worked with Awethentic Studio to merge art and technology, showcasing augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to create a unique experiential journey for guests.

The exhibition showcased the works of acclaimed artists including Reka Nyari, Wing Chan, Frank Freeman and Sean Lee-Davies. Using our AR activated photos, guests were able to interact with the artworks on display and also immerse themselves in natural landscapes through our VR experience booth.

July 2017

Streets of Hong Kong

The Streets of Hong Kong exhibition was co-hosted by Awethentic Gallery and our sister company, Awethentic Studio. It was inspired by the urban landscapes and essence of 21st century Hong Kong, and it celebrated the city’s cutting edge artistic and photographic talent.The exhibition showcased works from Wing Shya, Szabotage, Teddy Lo, David Elliot, Frank Freeman, Nick Denambride, Samantha Li and Sean Lee Davies, all of whom have captured the city’s urban elements in unique ways. Through this exhibition we worked to shine a light on Hong Kong’s ever-growing artistic community and also promote Hong Kong as a leading global creative hub.

May 2017

Women In Focus

The experiences, struggles and triumphs unique to women have long been a source of creative inspiration for many. In acknowledgment of this, Awethentic Gallery co-hosted an exhibition with The Women’s Foundation in Hong Kong to pay tribute to some of Hong Kong’s most notable women. We featured the eclectic work of eight local and international artists including the likes of Reka Nyari, Antoine Rameau, Wing Shya, Szabotage and Chi Chi Cheng. In support of The Women’s Foundation, 25-50 percent of the exhibition proceeds were donated to empowerment programs for women and girls in Hong Kong.

November 2015

Love is Wild

The official exhibition of Awethentic Gallery’s Love Is Wild photo collection, this was showcased in Hong Kong and became the world’s first ever travelling augmented reality fine art exhibition. All of the images were shot by environmental advocate and entrepreneur Sean Lee-Davies, and documented the plight of endangered species in Asia and Africa, in a bid to raise funds for conservation.The photo collection harnessed the power of celebrity and featured the likes of Jennifer Tse, Gaile Lok, Mia Kang, Jocelyn and Anthony Sandstrom, up close with some of the world’s most magnificent animals. The collection worked to redefine the relationship between human and animal, showcasing people not as conquerors of nature, but instead as conscientious cohabitants.This exhibition was organised by Project C:CHANGE, hosted at Liang Yi Museum and Galerie Huit, and sponsored by Entourage | Concierge and Sony.