Our Advisory Services

At Awethentic Gallery we are committed to finding you the best art from across the globe, whether it be for your office, hotel space or your private collection. Our expert team can work with you to cultivate a personalised collection of artwork that accurately communicates your brand identity and ethos.

We feature work from a variety of artists ranging from mid-career to established, all of whom have work with a strong focus on positive social and environmental impact.

Awethentic Gallery also offers unique augmented and virtual reality interactive experiences, which harness the power of technology to take your art viewing and buying experiences to the next level. With experience on an international level, you can trust us to support you from the beginning to the end, always delivering on time and within budget.


Art and Tech

From creating digital avatars and NFTs to using virtual reality to make artworks come to life, you can trust us to create unique, immersive and interactive experiences for your guests. Learn more about how we pair art and technology.

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We understand the power of art to create impactful experiences for your guests—be it, at your hotel, restaurant or resort. Our expert team is available to work with you to create unique and personalised collections for your venue that accurately communicate your brand identity. 

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Outdoor Art and Murals

With a proven track record of commissioning and creating outdoor art, we know first-hand the impact this medium can have. If you are interested in commissioning personalised artwork for your company to elevate your brand, contact us here.

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