Sean Lee-Davies

Filmmaker, Photographer, Entrepreneur and Wildlife Conservationist.

Sean was formerly Editorial Director of Asia Tatler’s 15 magazines across the region and Director of Vogue HK Content Lab. During that time Sean interviewed and photographed some of the most famous personalities in the world, including Marc Jacobs, Keanu Reeves, Leonardo Di Caprio, Matthew Mcconaughey, Catherine Zeta-Jones and David Beckham. He has also interviewed and photographed some of China’s biggest names in business & culture, such as Zhang Ziyi, Yao Ming, Jackie Chan & Donnie Yen.

He has since made environmental films for National Geographic, Channel News Asia and TVB and has turned his camera to documenting social justice and environmental issues such as the illegal wildlife trade and the sixth mass extinction. Sean runs a non-profit organisation called Project C:CHANGE to raise awareness for environmental and wildlife conservation.

Cindy Rhee Bong Keum


“I consider my paintings to be a vehicle for my deepest emotions and fantasies so as to express themselves three dimensionally on a two dimensional surface” – Cindy Rhee Bong Keum

Cindy Rhee is a Korean artist based in Hong Kong, best known for her large figurative oil and acrylic paintings. Her artwork explores the conflicting emotions and identities of human existence via vibrant and confident brush strokes. Her expressive and bold, large scale featuring portraits and figures both enthrall and intimidates the viewers.