Phung Banh

Mixed Media Artist

Phung Banh (凌秋风) is a Chinese-Vietnamese art director, illustrator and designer who has a love for visual storytelling. She is passionate about creating social and environmental impact through her work, which regularly addresses feminism, climate change, and racial discrimination. Raised to embrace the duality of her identity and celebrate other cultures throughout her travels and learning, she is passionate about portraying the complexities of cultures through meticulous research and an open mind. Her research transcends into colourful works of art that are not only rich in pigment but also in context.

Her work has been featured on Adobe, New Internationalist, Voyage Dallas, and various art auctions. Phung is currently working as a creative across art direction, brand development, and illustration for clients ranging from commissions, small startups to large organisations.

Featured Products

Soulmates - Phung Banh Phung Banh
Empowered Women - Phung Banh Phung Banh