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Noel Guevara

Noel Guevara is a conservation photographer and filmmaker based in Manila, Philippines. He is also an Emerging League talent of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP).

His experience in producing content and creating visual stories spans more than 18 years, starting with the founding of his design firm, Burnwater Design Studios in 1998 to more recently, directing television advertisements and online videos. For the last few years, Guevara has spent much of his efforts on marine conservation. Guevara covers the Asia-Pacific region, collaborating with the world's top conservation groups and NGOs such as Greenpeace International, WWF, and The Coral Triangle Initiative. He has been honoured in many international competitions such as the Sony World Photography Awards, DEEP Indonesia, and Nature Photography Awards. His work has been published online by the BBC, National Geographic, CNN, The Guardian, and in magazines and broadsheets in Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, France, and Singapore.

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Ellie and Child - Noel Guevara Noel Guevara
Fathom Flight - Noel Guevara Noel Guevara
Dire Wolf - Noel Guevara Noel Guevara
Dire Wolf - Noel Guevara
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