Volodymyr Pielikh

Ukrainian Artist

Born in a small urban town in Ukraine, Volodymyr Pielikh realised his love for art after attending a small art school at 13. However, he went on to attend the Polytechnic University National of Odesa, where he began studying at their Institute of Computer Engineering. He later worked as a model and actor across the globe, and his love for arts became more of a hobby. However, the Covid-19 pandemic allowed him to refocus on his first passion, art—and now, you can find his work across the globe.

He specialises in acrylic paint, oil pastels and digital drawings, but also has a love for clay and creating 3D sculptures. “In a lot of my art I like to create images of male and female bodies as well as to use my art to show the world’s political or ecological problems to bring people’s attention to it in a different way. I think it's very important that we as humans are all aware of the global problems,” he says. Now based in Los Angeles, USA, you can find him on Instagram as@Volodymyrpielikh_art

Volodymyr Pielikh

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