Mr. Tech - Volodymyr Pielikh

“A good old dog named Tech. Tech is the best friend of Anthony D. Smith—a popular American Football player. He’s a small-sized dog with a very strong character. Tech always barks like crazy and does a full body scan of everyone entering Anthony’s home to make sure he’s safe and after a while, the joke of Tech being the house bodyguard caught on. I would even go as far as to say Tech started taking his job even more seriously after that,” explains the artist, Volodymyr Pielikh. “But like all things, Tech was growing older, and it seemed to me he would be retiring soon. So I thought to bring Tech the dog into his favourite role once again with this piece. Not only will Tech be remembered for his thorough body checks but now he can also be remembered as the loyal, dapper, loving pup he was.”

“This piece was one of my first digital drawings. Tech is wearing a suit and is meant to portray that of a real bodyguard. The background is that of Downtown Los Angeles, which is where Tech has spent his whole life.”

“As I was drawing this piece I was thinking about life and how precious it is. One moment it’s here and we’re thriving and then the next, we’re nearing the end of our time. I want people to appreciate youth and then, when we are old, remember the good old days with a smile.”

Frame Mounted Frame
Color Black

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