C3PO - Szabotage

Szabotage has encountered a complicated problem as a prolific aerosol painter because it’s challenging to safely dispose of spray cans once they’re used. European Union legislation classifies aerosol paint as a Class 2 ‘dangerous good,’ while Hong Kong doesn’t allow the recycling of empty aerosol materials through usual public channels and the hazardous nature of paint cans requires specialised disposal. So, the life cycle of this creative medium presents very unique scenarios not encountered in other methods of artmaking. 

Szabotage discovered there is no legitimate and sustainable way to recycle spray cans so instead, he set out to creatively solve the problem. Through disassembling and objectifying the spray can, turning the medium into the object, he resolves the dilemma of aerosol can consumption and continues the positive life of the entire creative artefact.

  • Size: 35.4 x 23.6 in.
  • Style: Street art, Urban art

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