Coral Reef - Magdalena Klim

Since I remember the nature and travels excite me the most. All the magical places, vibrant colors of nature and its unpredictability I’ve seen led me recently to some soul searching and that’s how I began my journey with resin. I love living in constant motion and resin captures it perfectly. It’s a beautiful way to “pour” my memories of abstract visuals of nature from my travels and observe solidifying fluid movements.

 A “Coral Reef “ is my tribute to my past where I traveled freely and while being afraid of depths I have learned how to dive and discover another colorful and so peaceful underwater world.

I live in Hong Kong and recently I can only dream about traveling. “Galapagos” presents my dad’s pictures and memories shared with me after his trips to Ecuador. The last stop he did was Galapagos and I remember he said to me that this island is unreal with all its unique plants and animals found nowhere else in the world and when I can travel again I should go there and experience a pure connection with nature.

  • Size: 19.7 x 23.7 inches

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Magdalena Klim is a Polish contemporary abstract artist currently living in Hong Kong. She specialises in creating resin artworks, all of which capture the vibrancy and unpredictability of our natural world, evoking thoughts of beaches, waves, the sky, cliffs, hills, forests and freedom.


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