I Will Tell You A Secret - Elena Vylusk

“Animals, especially dogs, are known for their fidelity, so I incorporated this idea into the painting to symbolise love and fidelity,” says artist Lena Vylusk. “Two dogs gently lean against each other like they know something—their secret, which is known only to them.”

  • Size: 27 х 31 inches
  • Style: Photorealistic

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Renowned Ukrainian artist Elena Vylusk started painting and graphics at a young age, honing her skills at Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts. She paints many of her artworks with oil, but has a passion for engraving on linoleum, creating landscapes and surrealistic plots on various topics. Much of her art focuses on the environment around us—plants, flowers, objects and animals, and she enjoys combining inanimate objects with living beings, placing them in unusual settings and allowing the viewer to come up with plot compositions.


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