Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Cindy Rhee

“When I first saw a photo of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in TIME magazine, I didn’t know who she was but I felt her inner strength. The more I looked at her photo, the more I felt captivated by her. Later I found out who she was, and I was amazed at how hard she worked for gender equality and women’s rights—to a level that I couldn’t imagine. Her work has since influenced people all across the globe. 

So, I decided to paint her portrait. I painted this in oil as I believe that’s the best medium for portraits. I love the texture and gooey feeling of the oil on canvas, and as you can see in the painting, I love using strong and vibrant colours. The entire painting took over a month to create, and I can tell you that the painting never goes the way you initially planned, it takes its own life. But that to me is the purpose of doing it.”

  • Size: 115 x 125 cm
  • Style: Figure
  • Paint: Oil on Canvas

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Renowned artist Cindy Rhee Bong Keum grew up in Korea, where she learned from respected painter Hoon Kwak while getting her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Western Painting at the Hong Ik Fine Arts University. From the early days of her career she was confident in her unique abilities and style, and recalls how she resisted the efforts of her other professors who were trying in vain to confine her work within the minimalist monochrome painting styles which were so prevalent in the Korean art work at that time.


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