The Red Thread - Anna Savvi

“It is believed that the narrative about the red thread was made by the German writer Johann Wolfgang Goethe and was first used in his novel Wahlverwandtschaften. In the text of the novel, the narrator recalls an interesting fact: on the ships of the English Royal Navy, a red thread ran along the entire length of all gear (cords and ropes),” says the artist, Anna Savvi. “It could be pulled out only by unwinding the rope and thereby rendering it unusable. So even from a small piece of tackle, it was clear that it belonged to the British crown.”

“For me, the red thread is a symbol of life, till the end. In my work, I depicted it in such a way that the observer does not see where it begins and where it ends, but can only guess. As in life, we never know when a new life will be born, and when someone's life will come.”

  • Size: 15.7 х 14 inches
  • Style: Contemporary


Due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, this artwork is currently unable to be shipped from its location in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Once the area stabilises, regular shipping operations will resume. For customers interested in this artwork please contact the gallery directly.

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Anna Savvi is an experienced artist from Kharkiv, Ukraine. Her path as an artist began at a very early age, starting to work professionally at just nine years old. She was later admitted to a local preparatory art school named after Ilya Repin and in 2021, received a bachelor’s degree from the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. During this time period she was the recipient of many individual awards including the title of Best Student and also graduated with Honours.


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