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All prints at Awethentic Gallery are fine art prints and we do not mass produce any art on our website. However, some collections are more limited than others. This is what we refer to as Limited Edition Prints, meaning there is a very limited quantity of authentic prints circulating in the world. The edition number is determined by the format. Our limitations are: 150 for Small, 75 for Medium, 10 for Large and 5 for Max. We work with photographers to number and authenticate each one, ensuring that customers are receiving an original. Generally, Limited Edition Prints are more expensive than our Classic Prints, which are also limited but have a higher edition number.

At Awethentic Gallery, all prints are limited, but Classic Prints are slightly more accessible and affordable compared to Limited Edition Prints. We sell Classic Prints on our website in three different sizes - Mini, Small and Medium.

Prints For Charity are exactly that - prints sold purely for charitable purposes. At Awethentic Gallery, 100% of the sale price of any Print For Charity goes to our preferred charities and non-profit organisations. We pride ourselves on promoting causes that are important to our community - in conservation, technology and development, to name a few. We sell all our Prints For Charity for $120 + shipping, thereby donating 100% proceeds (after printing and handling) from each sale. Each print is A3 size and printed on Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl paper, delivered as a poster in a tube. Framing is available through enquiry.

We have 3 frame options to choose from.
1. Classic Frame
2. Spacer Frame
3. Box Frame

Created from high-quality wood, milled with simple clean lines and presented with a satin finish. This frame has a square profile measuring 20mm (front face) by 23mm (depth from wall).
Available in black, white, and natural color. Choose from either a Perspex or Tru View Museum Glass glaze.
• Flush surface mount
• Satin laminated finish for added protection
• Lightweight and robust
• Choice of colours
• Delivered fully strung or with a sawtooth hanger

The spacer frame has a deep fillet to create additional depth for displaying custom artwork or photographs.
Prints are typically back-mounted, creating a modern, contemporary look. The Spacer uses our solid ash box frame which has a box profile measuring 20mm (front face) by 33mm (depth from wall).
Available in black, white, and natural.
Choose from a Perspex or Tru View Museum Glass glaze.
• Contemporary finish suited to back mounted prints
• Solid ash with hand stained finish
• Delivered fully strung, ready for hanging

Our box frame is milled from solid ash, hand-stained by our team and finished with a specialist wax to accentuate the grain. The frame has a box profile measuring 20mm (front face) by 33mm (depth from wall).
Available in black, white and natural color.
Choose from either a Perspex or Tru View Museum Glass glaze.
• Classic deep frame
• Solid ash with hand-stained finish
• Delivered fully strung, ready for hanging

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