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Alana Tsui

Tsui has an immaculate eye for detail and a bold visionary direction. She brings those qualities into her fine art career where she specialises in mural paintings.

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Cindy Rhee

Renowned artist with decades of experience, Rhee has gone on to sell her works all across the globe, and is best known for her large figurative paintings on canvas.

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Greer Howland Smith

Greer Howland Smith is a multidisciplinary artist who works across a broad range of mediums including paint, installation and performance art. 

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Jade Hirtle

Jade Hirtle is a Los Angeles based painting and mixed media artist. She is interested in vibrational frequencies and views them as a form of non-verbal communication─a universal language.

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Oleksandr Balbyshev

Balbyshev is an Ukrainian artist and has created a global name for himself in the art world, renowned for his specialist themes of male sexuality and sensuality. 

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Szabotage works with a variety of formats. His collections range from walls, canvases, prints, and cars to sculptures, stencils and NFTs.  

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